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Keyless Locking and Unlocking Door Mechanisms

Someone forget their keys? Need to let in the painter? You can unlock your house and disarm your alarms as needed from a cell phone or other electronic device with our integrated locking systems. Crime Intervention Alarm offers an array of solutions for all door types.

  • Remote Access
    • Unlock and lock any door in your house even when you’re not home. No need for keys, all you need is your smartphone
  • Keyfobs
    • Keyfobs make it easy for you to enter your home for when your hands are full, and you don’t feel like fumbling around to find the right key.
  • Keypads
    • Keypads also eliminate the use of keys and even light up so you can see at night. Every home will have a passcode that you can customize with ease.
  • Universal Use
    • All of our equipment is compatible with any type of door, including garage doors, sliding doors, double doors, and the list goes on!
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