Advanced Wireless Home Security Systems in Eastern West Virginia

Crime Intervention Alarm provides easy to use and advanced home security systems to provide you with the ultimate in home safety and security.

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  • Remote Access Control
    Remotely arm and disarm your home security system with your smartphone or any other device.
  • Deter Break-Ins
    Our systems come equipped with an alarm that will sound whenever an intrusion is detected.
  • Detect Intruders
    We offer a variety of motion detectors that will detect any unwanted intruders in your home. Our detectors are customizable to prevent false alarms..
  • 24/7 US Monitoring
    With CIA, you’ll always have the fastest monitoring service with you and/or the authorities being notified within 19 seconds of a problem.

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Why do I need a home security system?

Home security systems are the best way to protect your family, pets, and valuables when you’re at home and away. Knowing that your Eastern West Virginia home is being monitored 24/7 by our professionals provides you and your family with peace of mind you wouldn’t have otherwise. Once your home security system is installed, you’ll never have to worry about your home again so you can focus on other matters. With CIA, you can be sure you’re getting the right equipment properly installed and professionally monitored.

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Prevent Break-Ins

Our systems come equipped with an alarm that will sound whenever an intrusion is detected. The sound of an alarm is often enough to deter an intruder.

Detect Intruders

We offer a variety of motion detectors to our customers in Eastern West Virginia that will detect any unwanted intruders. Our detectors are customizable to prevent false alarms.

24/7 US Monitoring

With CIA, you’ll always have the fastest monitoring service with you and/or the authorities being notified within 19 seconds of a problem.

Is your home at risk?

The average home in Eastern West Virginia today has no fewer than six mobile devices—expensive, portable goods that are easy to grab and sell. As a result, burglaries are more profitable than ever. Unfortunately, once a thief has made the decision to invade your home, there’s a lot more than laptops and phones at stake. Every year, there are 3.7 million burglaries in the U.S.; in 28 percent of those cases, a household member is home. In seven percent, someone in the home is violently attacked by the intruders. Watch the video to see just how easy it is to break open a typical, locked door.

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We offer a wide array of home security systems to give you peace of mind.


IMG_7002The keypad is your alarm system’s command center. Our state-of-the-art Honeywell security systems feature graphic displays to easily control your alarm system, display weather forecasts and even manage your home’s climate and lighting systems. Your CIA security expert will help you select the keypad that offers the features you want, show you how to use it and find the best place in your home for your keypads.

Motion Detectors

03_DrivewaySensors_01Triggered by movement and body heat, these sensors protect the open areas of your home. Our motion detectors are customizable so that they recognize the difference between a family pet and an intruder.

Glass Break Detectors

Glass-307×220Triggers the alarm system upon detecting the sound of breaking glass. Great for areas with sliding glass doors, large fixed-pane windows, or expensive glass cases!

Door and Window Sensors

When your system is armed, any door or window with a sensor installed will sound off the alarm when opened. Ask your CIA representative about our alarm window screens.

Video Surveillance Systems

shutterstock_430439389Never be in the dark again—with a video surveillance system from CIA, you’ll be able to keep a watchful eye on what matters most, no matter how far away you are. Alert the authorities of any unwanted presence, prevent crimes before they happen, and maintain your privacy.

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Wireless Security Systems in Eastern West Virginia

Home security systems can be exactly what you need to protect your home. Our company handles the security needs for both residential and commercial locations in eastern West Virginia and the surrounding areas. You worked hard to afford things for your home, so you don’t want to make it easy for people who want to steal from you and your family. In addition to losing your material objects, you will also lose your feeling of being safe within your own home. Take back control of your home by getting a wireless home security system to protect you. These systems are very easy to install and very easy to use. You are able to arm and disarm your home security system remotely, by any device including your smartphone.

Whether you are home or away, your home will be monitored 24/7. This keeps your family, your precious valuables, and your pets safe even if you are at home. A security system gives you the peace of mind that you need to know that everything is going to be safe in your home. After installing one of our wireless security systems in your home, you can reduce your worry, allowing you to focus on other things in your life. Your safety and protecting your home are top priorities to us. Our team of professionals monitors your home every hour of every day.

Why do you need a security system for your home? Here are just a few benefits:

  • Preventing Break-Ins

Just hearing the loud sounds of an alarm system can be enough to scare an intruder off. With our alarms, a loud sound blares as soon as a break in happens to deter would-be thieves.

  • Detect Intruders

We have a variety of different solutions like motion detectors that can detect any unwanted guests in your home.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

Should something happen, our company has 24/7 monitoring that offers you a 19 second response time.

With all of the technology that we have in our homes, being a burglar has become such a profitable business for thieves. Every year, there are an estimated 3.7 million burglaries within the United States. In 28% of those cases, someone is home when it happens. What’s even scarier than that is that in around 7% of these cases, someone is violently attacked in their home. Standard door locks just aren’t good enough. These can be broken very easily, leaving you more vulnerable than you think you are.

Security systems are the best way to protect your family and offer you peace of mind. Not only do you have to worry about your big-ticket items like laptops, tablets, and smartphones, but you also have to worry about your family being home when an intruder breaks in. This can be dangerous and expensive. Prevent theft and protect your family by getting a security system that offers you 24/7 monitoring. We have over 20 years of experience in this industry, so we can create the perfect plan to protect your home within your budget.

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Why Choose Crime Intervention Alarm?

We’ve had over 20 years of experience installing home security systems for nearly any application. We know all of the best practices and can work with nearly any budget. In today’s world, the safety of your faculty and staff is priority and therefore we strive to be #1 in commercial security applications.

With the number one priority of protecting what matters most to each organization, We were built on the following principles:

  • True, personalized customer service. A CIA customer will never feel like “a number.”
  • Always make sure that each customer has the equipment that is right for his or her specific situation. Customizable solutions are key!
  • Provide only the fastest, most reliable security monitoring service on the market.
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