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We Know School Security

The Best Surveillance & Access Control Available in York, PA!

Crime Intervention Alarm (CIA) provides custom security plans for academic facilities to manage staff and student security. Our expert installers assess the risks facing your unique institution and develop a comprehensive security plan to protect the entire building.


HD Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems are a must for every school. They provide an easy, reliable way to monitor activity in every corner of the building. CIA will help determine key areas of the institution that should have surveillance. We can also incorporate existing security cameras into a new CIA system.

  • Keep the current cameras — we’ll use them!

  • Full 1080p quality lets staff see all facial features of an intruder

  • Each system offers full remote access via a phone, tablet or computer

  • We assess the risks so you’ll know exactly where you need surveillance

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Advanced Intruder Protection

With our system, you can be confident an intruder will not get far within the institution. If an intruder is detected, we can automatically lock doors, silently alert faculty, and immediately notify the local authorities. With CIA, your institution will be leading the industry in safety for students and staff.

  • Visual Touch Screen Keypads Manage Everything

  • Silent Alarms Notify Police & Faculty

  • Isolate Intruder in One Section of Building

  • Door and Window Sensors

  • Loud 105 dB Sirens and Alarms (Optional)

Access Control Systems

Our access control systems allow faculty to monitor exactly when and where a specific individual has entered the building and where they go throughout the day. We offer a wide range of solutions for every school.

  • Unique Identifying Key Fob for Each Faculty Member

  • Finger Printer & Iris Scanners

  • Intercom and Telephone Systems

  • Interior Room and Data Protection


Fire & CO Systems

CIA’s smoke detectors are installed throughout the entire building and sound off at the smoldering stage, alert the professionals and show the exact location of concern. Our systems also protect those within the building from carbon monoxide (CO) so staff and students will always be safe.

  • Our UL Fire and Burglary systems are certified for academic facilities.

  • Heat detectors can trigger our alarms even before a fire starts.

  • Integrated sprinkler systems only activate in the location of the emergency.

  • Ensure everyone gets out quickly and safely in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Call Stations

For isolated walks and pathways, parking lots, and remote outdoor areas, emergency call stations provide a highly visible security solution. Featuring blue lights that flash in an emergency, emergency call stations help students, residents, staff and visitors feel safe when walking in distant areas of your facilities. By pressing the emergency button on the station, the user can immediately initiate an emergency response and speak to a guard or operator while waiting for help to arrive.


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24/7 US Monitoring

13-19 Second Response Time

CIA has three UL certified alarm monitoring centers located throughout the country with trained, professional operators at the ready. Each center is backed up and has uninterruptible power supplies, so you’ll always have the fastest monitoring service with you and/or the authorities being notified within 20 seconds of a problem.

We’re a Local Company

Local Service – We are a local security company who has been serving local homeowners like you for over 20 years. As a client with CIA, you are not just a number. We take great pride in remembering each of our client’s names and giving them the service big box companies can’t while maintaining the value they offer.

Nothing offers peace of mind quite like being able to see for yourself what’s happening in your home. Our video surveillance systems allow you to see real-time video of your home or property from phones and other remote locations anytime. In addition, you can receive alerts via email or phone whenever cameras are triggered, providing the ultimate in home security.


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Business Security

We use state-of-the-art equipment to keep your business, employees and customers safe and secure.

Home Security

Keep you and your family safe with no-contract burglar alarms, fire alarms and flood protection. CIA has you covered.

Institution Security

Let us install our HD system with no limit on the amount of cameras and sensors into your institution.