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HD Video Surveillance for Academic Facilities

Always Keep Watch Over Anyone on School Property

Keep staff, students, and visitors safe with the best institution security systems in York. Nothing gives parents and students peace of mind like knowing they are in a safe, secure facility. Our video surveillance systems allow staff to see real-time video of the institution from phones and other remote locations anytime. In addition, staff can receive alerts via email or phone whenever cameras are triggered, providing the ultimate in York institution security.

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Advanced DVR Systems

Our High Definition Camera System provides up to 30 days of HD surveillance recording depending on activity. The easy to use software will provide the ability to create permanent copies of camera footage as well as configure it for remote view using smartphones, tablets and computers. Here are just a few things our institution security system can offer:

    • Expandable System
    • Intel i7 Multi-Core Processor
    • High Definition Video Display Monitor
    • Password Protected with Multi-User Log In
    • Remote Log In using a Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac
    • Hack and Virus Protection – using hardware/software combination

Digital and Hybrid Video Recorders

Monitor your institution with high-speed internet using digital and hybrid video recorders (HVRs). These shoot quality, clear video, record motion, and email clips to authorities in the event of an emergency.

Our hybrid recorders are ideal for institutions that already have existing analog equipment. CIA can incorporate analog and IP cameras into one video surveillance system, rather than installing a brand new one.

Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras make it easy to monitor institutions. For schools that need to make sure their cameras are hidden, these are easy to install in secure places without complicated wiring. Because of easy installation, they are great for large campuses that need lots of surveillance. These wireless security cameras are weather-resistant and can be placed both inside and outside. Have areas you also need to hear? We’ve got you covered – ask our rep about options for audio.


Infrared Night Vision Cameras

Our high-quality infrared cameras provide powerfully detailed images in pitch black areas so you are never faced with surprises. Perfect for watching over students or secluded areas that are vulnerable to vandals or trespassers.

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