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Specialty Cameras

Cameras for Every Situation

Here at CIA, we offer a wide array of video surveillance solutions. We have security cameras that adapt to you and your situation. Our technicians will assess the risks on your property and will choose the right equipment for you.


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Infrared Night Vision Cameras

For property owners who want full protection, an infrared night vision camera is recommended. Infrared technology allows property owners to see detailed images in the dark. This makes it much easier to identify criminal activity and suspects. Infrared night vision cameras are great for those who aren’t on their property 24/7. With our night vision cameras, you can have peace of mind throughout the night.

Solar Mobile CCTV Trailers

Monitor construction sites, concert venues, traffic and much more with our mobile solar-powered CCTV Trailer. Our trailer uses the latest technological advancements and is a cost-effective tool to monitor property and assets of local sites.

With high-efficiency solar power and customizable camera configurations, our trailers are extremely user-friendly. Best of all, our trailers are available for purchase or for short-term and long-term rentals.

HD Megapixel IP Cameras

This surveillance technology provides much higher resolution images than analog closed-circuit television cameras, making it easy to get detailed images or identify faces. High-def megapixel IP cameras are best for property owners that need to monitor people or objects in a scene because of the great detail and clarity they offer; however, these are more expensive than analog cameras.

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