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Business Security Solutions

Crime Intervention Alarm provides a variety of business security solutions to fit every type of business. Our professionals will assess common security risk factors such as building, size, and employee and customer traffic to determine what security options are right for you.

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  • Interior/Exterior Monitoring Devices
    Use the latest technology to protect your business from theft and damage inside and outside your building.
  • Advanced Camera Systems
    Record on motion, email clips to authorities and record full HD video and audio for your peace of mind. 120+ Days Record.
  • 24/7 Customer Support
    We put our existing customers first and provide 24/7 support for all Crime Intervention clients.

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Complete Business Security & Safety

Let Crime Intervention Alarm Take Care of You

Complete business security may mean something different to others, but to Crime Intervention Alarm it means from start to finish and beyond we develop custom solutions that fit every business need, size, and budget. Each of our systems interacts with each other providing better safety and ease of operation for the business owner and security staff. We’ve provided complete security, surveillance, fire and access control solutions for businesses like yours for over 20 years.

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Manage Your Security From AnywhereiPhone_Handheld_Commercial_Video_hi-823×1024 (1)

Crime Intervention Alarm lets you manage all aspects of your security system remotely with a computer, tablet or phone. Monitor employees and your business at any time by connecting to the live feed of your cameras. You’ll receive instant push notifications to your phone or email when events are triggered. For example, if our systems detect someone approaching a building, you can get a notification for that — but people leaving can be ignored.

Advanced HD Camera & Audio Tech


With our high definition cameras, you’ll be able to monitor your business with crystal clarity during all hours of the day, even in the middle of the night! We create custom camera solutions that complement your security system and overall business needs well. We have devices that can capture fleeing vehicles license plates in the middle of the night over 100 feet away! Looking to hear your employees through your cameras? We’ve got you covered with that too!


Advanced Burglar Alarms

A business alarm system will trigger in the event of an unauthorized entry using sensors. A loud 100db+ alarm will make a sound when it is set off and will alert you or your monitoring system of an intrusion. The alarm will also scare off any unwanted intruders. Your York business will be protected 24/7 with CIA.

Key Fobs and Card Access

Access control systems are a type of commercial security system that allow you to control traffic flow in and out of your building without the presence of security personnel. Keep your business secured with a variety of equipment such as key fobs, fingerprint scanners, gates, and more. We provide complete customized systems that work perfectly for any business type, size or budget.

19 Seconds Response Time

stock-photo-close-up-plan-of-a-smiling-businesswoman-in-a-call-centre-295924556CIA has three UL certified alarm monitoring centers located throughout the country with trained, professional operators at the ready.

Each center is backed up and has uninterruptible power supplies, so you’ll always have the fastest monitoring service with you and/or the authorities being notified within 13-19 seconds of a problem.

Complete Fire and CO Protection


Our selection of UL fire and detection products means you can rest assured that we can design a system that complies with local and national codes. You can also be assured we will keep your system up to date with our affordable maintenance plans.

Our smoke detectors sound off at the smoldering stage, alert the professionals and show you the exact location of concern. Before your purchase, our security experts perform free comprehensive site assessments to ensure that you have the right number of smoke detectors in the right places to stop a fire before it becomes a danger to you, your employees or your business.

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Why Choose Crime Intervention Alarm?

We’ve had over 20 years of experience installing complete home and business security solutions. We know all of the best practices and can work with nearly any budget. In today’s world, the safety of your faculty and staff is priority and therefore we strive to be #1 in commercial security applications.

With the number one priority of protecting what matters most to each organization, We were built on the following principles:

  • True, personalized customer service. A CIA customer will never feel like “a number.”
  • Always make sure that each customer has the equipment that is right for his or her specific situation. Customizable solutions are key!
  • Provide only the fastest, most reliable security monitoring service on the market.
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Complete Business Security is a Call Away.


What are some specific solutions CIA offers?

Security & Surveillance Solutions

  • HD remote access video and audio feeds of all building cameras
  • Driveway sensors — Known when vehicles are approaching
  • UL Fire & CO Detection and monitoring
  • Magnetic lock interior/exterior doors
  • Lock all exterior doors and provide a unique key to each faculty or staff member.

Additional Business Systems

  • Visitor management systems
  • IP Phone & service solutions
  • Loss prevention systems
  • Employee timeclock systems with fingerprint sensors
  • Gate access control & telephone entry

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