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Advanced Access Control Systems

Take control of your property’s entry points with our state-of-the-art door access control systems. Our scalable solutions are suitable for businesses and properties of all sizes, ensuring secure access for authorized individuals while restricting unauthorized entry. With options such as key card access, biometric scanning, and mobile credentials, our door access control systems provide an added layer of security and convenience for your property.

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Access Control Video Entry

Video Intercom Systems

Enhance the security of your premises with our cutting-edge door access control systems. CIA offers a variety of solutions, from simple standalone access control devices to advanced multi-door, networked systems. Utilizing technologies such as key cards, biometrics, and mobile credentials, our door access control systems provide secure and convenient access for authorized personnel while keeping unauthorized individuals out.

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At Crime Intervention Alarm, we pride ourselves on our seamless installation and setup process for access control systems. Our team of skilled and certified professionals works diligently to ensure minimal disruption to your daily operations, allowing you to focus on managing your property with confidence. We take care of everything from the initial assessment to the final touches, making sure your system is perfectly tailored to your property’s specific security needs.

Don’t let the complexities of access control systems hold you back from providing the best security for your property. Choose CIA and experience the ease of working with a dedicated and experienced team that puts your security first. Reach out to us today to discuss your access control requirements, and let us provide you with a customized solution designed to give you peace of mind.

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Telephone Entry DK

Telephone Entry Systems

Experience seamless and secure property access with our advanced Telephone Entry Systems, specifically designed to cater to the needs of property managers. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing outdated access methods and embrace our cutting-edge technology that offers convenient features such as free VoIP calls, unique PIN numbers, and user-friendly software for easy system management. With our Telephone Entry System, you can maintain complete control over your property’s access, ensure the safety of your residents, and improve overall property management efficiency.
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Experience the Advantages of Access Control with CIA

Investing in access control solutions through Crime Intervention Alarm offers numerous benefits for property managers and commercial property owners. Our systems are designed to provide seamless security while enhancing convenience and efficiency for your property management needs.

Enhanced Security

Our advanced access control systems offer superior protection, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter your property. This reduces the risk of theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access to sensitive areas.

Convenience & Flexibility

CIA’s access control systems integrate effortlessly with other security measures like video surveillance and alarm systems. With features such as remote management, virtual keys, and customized access levels, you can easily control and monitor entry points from anywhere.

Streamlined Operations

Our user-friendly software simplifies managing your access control system. Add or remove users, set expiration dates for access credentials, and generate activity reports to keep track of entry and exit events. This data-driven approach allows you to make informed decisions about your property’s security needs.

Cost-Effective Solution

By partnering with CIA, you’ll benefit from our cost-effective access control systems that minimize the need for traditional security measures, such as manned security personnel. This translates to long-term savings and a more efficient allocation of resources.

What Our Clients Say

"I have been working with Crime Intervention Alarm for over 5 years, and their expertise and professionalism are unparalleled. They have provided our properties with top-notch security systems, and their ongoing support has given us peace of mind. Their 20+ years of experience really shows in the quality of their work and their ability to find the perfect solution for our needs. I highly recommend CIA to any property manager looking for reliable and effective security solutions."
Samantha J., Regional Property Manager
"Crime Intervention Alarm has been an absolute game-changer for our property management company. Their team assessed our security needs and installed cameras, access control, and burglar alarm systems across our properties. Their experience and service have made them our go-to provider for all our security needs. Thanks to CIA, we can now confidently assure our tenants that their safety is our top priority."
Michael L., Commercial Property Owner
"As a property manager, I've dealt with numerous security providers, but none have impressed me as much as Crime Intervention Alarm. Their team took the time to understand our unique challenges and recommended tailored solutions to ensure the safety of our residents. I cannot recommend Crime Intervention Alarm highly enough!"
Jennifer T., Property Manager
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Apartment Complex Security and Fire Safety Solutions

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