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Burglar Alarms

Complete Protection for Every Academic Facility in York, PA

Having a burglar alarm as part of your institution security system is essential. A burglar alarm is an affordable security solution that keeps staff, students, and visitors safe and provides peace of mind. Choose an alarm system from brands like Honeywell, Linear, Aiphone, Door King, Select Engineer Systems, and Optex. CIA can help you determine which burglar alarm is right for your academic facility and install it. We also offer maintenance and repair.

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Your keypads will be conveniently located to fit your institution. Assign unique codes for each staff member for tracking purposes. In the event of a separation, CIA can remove individual codes immediately.

Burglar Detection

Crime Intervention Alarm will use a variety of sensors working together to detect every intrusion in your institution. Our motion detectors can sense heat traces from humans while our glass sensors can detect shattered glass. We will create a custom security plan for your academic facility.

Panic Buttons

Everyone knows the importance of panic buttons! We’ll help you find the best locations for your panic buttons, based on your academic facility operations and building layout.

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